Sweet Cheeks is my first

— the culmination of the last fifteen years of my life.

It's my Sunday restaurant, the place where I want to hang out with my friends and family. It's easy. Everytime I'm asked conceptual questions about Sweet Cheeks, my answer is the same: If our guests are intimately familiar with the food and wine, they'll understand that we're doing it right (or at least trying). If not, they come in, have a great meal, fantastic service, thoroughly enjoy themselves and can't wait to come back. It's that easy.

Doing it right: For us, it's using the best of everything possible. All of our meats are responsibly sourced and all natural. Most of our beef is “Never Ever", meaning it's all sustainably-raised “Super Natural," premium Black Angus beef that is NEVER EVER treated with hormones, antibiotics, or chemical additives. Other beef options are from small New England farms adhering to similar practices. Our pork is Berkshire, our chicken and turkey are all natural. We use local farms when possible. We're committed to doing what's right.

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