5% Kitchen Appreciation & PPE Fee

Our Best Foot Forward To Do What’s Right

We think that it is important that when instituting any changes, we include you, our guest, and take the time to give you a thoughtful explanation.

We are implementing a 5% Kitchen Appreciation Fee to the guest check that will directly benefit our Back of the House (BOH) team.

As an organization, we struggle with the disparities between Front of the House (FOH) and BOH wages. Everyone in restaurants work hard to provide you, our guest with a great experience. However, over the years, the wage gap between the FOH and BOH has become staggering. FOH employees earn nearly three times more than their BOH counterparts.  And this continues to increase – meaning the servers benefit from the increases of menu prices over the years while the line cooks, prep cooks and dishwashers do not.

Why is this the case?

As the cost of doing business in Boston increases through increase of minimum wage, cost of food and goods, mandatory health care coverage, mandatory sick-pay and the ever-increasing cost of a growing urban market, our ability to increase the wages of our BOH employees are encumbered. State law does not allow BOH employees to benefit from gratuities, constraining their wages to the bottom line resources of the restaurant. We think that’s wrong and have looked for ways to fix it.

The Kitchen Appreciation Fee allows all BOH employees to directly benefit from the top line success of the restaurant. They feel the love from you and their living wages increase. Every cent of the 5% goes directly to our BOH employees. We thank you, they thank you.

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